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Walk with Purpose. My sister contacted me today and said that her office put the employees up for a challenge...a get-fit challenge.  They asked that everybody put on a pedometer and start walking with one destination in mind.  They were walking from Portland, Maine to Los Angeles, California.  Their goal was to see how close they could get to their destination by the end of the year. What a great idea!  So let's take this concept and make it a little more fun...
It is so easy to map out.  Simply go to Google and request the distance from one city to another.  It comes right up for you.  As you walk away the miles you can see how far you have traveled...perhaps getting closer to another city along your route.  Set up mini goals along the way.  When reaching a city you would have "walked to", look for information online.  Think of things you may want to check out in that town. You may learn something about a city that you never knew...or it may entice you to visit there in the future (obviously by another means of transportation besides your feet).  The walking doesn't have to been completed in one session, it can be spaced throughout your day.  Pedometers are inexpensive, simple and fun to use. 
So here is the formula you will use to see how many miles you must walk each day (assuming 2,500 steps is one mile). Total Miles divided by 12 months.  This will give you the miles you must walk per month. Miles per month multiplied by 2,500 steps. Total steps per month divided by 30 days. Total steps per day multiplied by 2,500. The final number is how many miles you must walk each day to reach your destination! Have fun and enjoy your "virtual trip" around the country!  Share with me how you are doing...where you are headed!  I would love to hear from you.
If you don't want to set up your own trip, I have offered three choices below.  The first is based on one of my favorite places, Napa!
St. Louis to miles: 2,030.  This is 169 miles per month which equates to 422,500 steps per month or 14,083 steps per day. 5.63 miles per day.
St. Louis to miles: 1,009.  This is 84 miles per month which equates to 210,000 steps per month or 7,000 steps per day. 2.8 miles per day.
Portland to Los miles: 3,100.  This is 258 miles per day which equates to 645,000 steps per month or 21,500 steps per day. 8.6 miles per day.
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