Strength of Center Fitness - The fusion of yoga and pilates.
No time or energy to workout?  We have all been there.  Feeling like the last thing we want to do is move around OR wanting to and just not having a moment to do it.  I have come up with two options (one done on the floor and the other done standing) that can be completed in less than 15 minutes. Work through each exercise for one minute.  You may choose to complete a second round of the exercises.  Watch your form and do not do an exercise if it causes you pain or discomfort.  Try to one of these options on most days. Your body and mind will thank you!
Floor Option. Begin seated in a loose crossed leg position.  Place your hands on your knees and sit tall, drawing belly button to spine. Close your eyes and breathe.  Hinging from your hip, circle chest toward left knee and then to right 10 times and then reverse the motion.  Roll down to your back.
Bridge Pose. Place feet flat on floor, under your knees, hands at your sides...lift hips off floor, pressing your arms into the floor.  Wiggle your shoulders blades together and down so that you rest on your upper shoulder area.  Hold.
Bicycle. Place hands behind head, elbows back and extend left leg out about 45 degrees.  Let right toes line up with left knee.  Slowly bring left shoulder toward right knee and keep alternating sides.
Forearm Plank. Come to your elbows and knees, tuck toes under and straighten your legs, so you are in one horizontal line.  Keep abs engaged so that you do not allow hips to drop (too much pressure to the spine).
Cobra. Release body to the floor and place your hands under your shoulders, with elbows tight to the rib cage and shoulders away from ears.  With abs engaged, push into hands and lift upper body, without locking elbows.  Your hips stay on the floor.  Slowly lower and keep moving through this.
Cat Pose. Come back to hands and knees and lift your spine toward the sky, tucking abs in tight.  Hold for a few breaths and release back to a neutral spine.  Keep flowing through this for your final minute.
Standing Option. Begin by placing your feet hip distance apart. Stand tall and open arms out to side and up toward the sky, breathing deep. Return to start and repeat 10 times.  Then tuck chin to chest and roll shoulders forward, rolling through your spine toward the floor. Slowly roll back up and repeat 5 times.
Tree Pose. Stand tall and open left leg up, either placing toes to floor with heel against right calf or plant the entire left foot against right calf.  Keep hips squared and draw left knee back, opening hip.  Reach hands to sky and open arms.  Hold for 30 seconds and repeat using other leg.
Chair. Stand with your feet under hips and arms extended forward.  Begin to sit hips back and bend knees so that knees are over your hips.  Keep spine long and continue reaching forward.  You may choose to place hands above knees for additional back support.
Plank Pose. Come to hands and knees, tuck your toes under and straighten your legs, so you are in one horizontal line.  Keep abs engaged so that you do not allow hips to drop. 
Downward Facing Dog. From hands and knees, make sure wrists are under your shoulders and knees are under your hips. Tuck toes and lift hips up and back, straightening your legs as much as possible. Press your shoulders toward the floor and relax your neck, keeping spine long.  Walk feet back slightly and try to take the bend out of your wrists.  This may be done on your forearms.
Warrior II. Stand with feet wide, turning left foot out and place right foot at a slight diagonal, with heel pressing away. Bend into left leg, with knee over heel and extend arms, parallel to floor. If your knee goes past the heel, open hips up a little wider. Send gaze past left hand and keep shoulders stacked over hips, upper body facing forward, reaching through your arms.  Repeat to right side.
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