Strength of Center Fitness - The fusion of yoga and pilates.
Let me introduce myself:
I have always loved being active.  I was never much of a team player...more of a solitary fitness enthusiast.  I have used exercise as a way of escaping stresses of the time to tune out.  I really took advantage of my health in my 20's.  Doing things that were contrary to leading a healthy lifestyle.  In my late 20's, I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease and my perspective changed.
I got serious about exercise and what it could do for the mind and body.  I got through a pregnancy that was rough on my body, I preservered though many bouts of a weakened immune system, I tried, and try now, to not take medication.  If I only knew in my 20's what I know now:)!  Now, in my late 40's, I have never felt better, stronger or more confident.  I am a better mother, friend and person because of my health!
I have been certified as a fitness instructor and have enjoyed this second career throughout my forties.  Over the last few years, I started to teach a combination of yoga and pilates.  The two types of exercise marry so well.  We call it Piloga!  Many have told me how I have changed their life with the way I teach.  I honestly believe that it is what I teach, not how I teach it, that makes them feel so incredible.  I have witnessed the journey of so many incredible people who have come to me with injuries, the fear of exercising, weight issues, pregnancy or lack of confidence in their abilities.  They have all come so far and I am so very proud of them!
I believe that we all have the ability to be the best we can be.  It may not mean perfection...most likely, it won't.  But the mind and body work together to bring you true fitness.  Remember, it is not the destination...but the journey.   Enjoy every moment of it!
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