Strength of Center Fitness - The fusion of yoga and pilates.
A.M. Wake Up Moves
For many of us, it is so hard to get moving in the morning.  By taking some extra time (no more than 10 minutes) before jumping into your day, you may benefit the body and the mind by easing into it.  Hold each posture for 8 to 10 deep breaths, unless indicated.  If you are short on time, select a few of the postures.
Cat Stretch. Before getting out of bed, elongate the body.  Stretch arms overhead and lengthen legs as if being pulled in two separate directions, wiggle fingers and the rib cage.
V Twist. While the body is extended, reach the right leg across your left leg and rest your foot lightly to the bed.  Open the arms up slightly (the upper body forms a V) and send gaze to the right.  Repeat to other side.
Knee to Chest Circle. Gently bring your right knee to your chest and hold your shin with both hands.  Carefully move your knee around in little circles to the left 8 times and then to the right 8 times.  Keep head and neck relaxed and left leg extended.  Repeat to left side.
Seated Meditation with Chest Circles. Bring yourself to a seated position.  Sit tall in a loose crossed leg position, rest your palms on your thighs or knees, relax your shoulders.  Lift belly toward spine and keep your chest slightly open.  Focus on the day ahead of you, imagine great things happening.  After reflection, keep a long spine and hinge from your hip, circling chest toward left knee, then right and then back center. Continue 4 to 8 times and repeat to other side.
Seated Side Release. In the same seated position, stretch your right arm up and over your right ear.  Bend from the waist to your left side and rest your left forearm on the bed. Turn your head to gaze up toward the ceiling.  Repeat to other side.
Downward Facing Dog with hands on bed. Come to a standing position and face the bed.  Make sure your heels are straight behind your toes and your feet are under your hips.  Place your hands on the bed and walk your feet back a few steps until your torso is nearly parallel to the floor and your arms are fully extended.  Relax your shoulders and keep belly drawn back to spine.
Forward Fold to Chair Pose. Come back to a standing position and tuck chin to chest, hands in front of hips.  Slowly roll down to open up the spine, knees are soft and you may choose to use support with your hands above your knees.  Slowly roll back up and sit back into chair pose.  Make sure to line your knees up with your heels and ease into the position.  Remember, you are just waking up and moving.  This does not have to be a deep posture.  Hold chair pose for 4 breaths and lift to standing.  Repeat sequence 4 to 8 times.
Now go enjoy a beautiful day!
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